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Another retirement

I am sad to say that Flames181 is retiring from the Snow Warriors. With school and being leader of another big army he does not have enough time for smaller armys anymore. He was a Soldier of the Month. He will still be on chat when he can find the time. We will miss him and wish him all the best. 😦


7 Responses

  1. Thanks for helping us out when we needed soldier power. I just saw an old post of you, me, and Iceeblu defending our servers. Good Luck leading your new army. Try to keep in touch. Your always welcome back if things don’t work out right. 😉

  2. He derserves to go on the hall of fame, Its sad that he retired 😦

  3. I’m just glad that I became his buddy last night…. but I’m sad he’s retiring. He never took sides on anything.

  4. Flames181 told me he wants me to take my spot here is proof if you need it

    Cahockey: Sorry dude, but that’s too high up for you to get. That won’t happen.

    • i knew you were gonna say that cahockey your getting to predictable lol

      Cahockey: Sorry though. It’s too big of a promo for someone new to armies. 😦

      • like i said before on chat “It was worth a try ” (even though it was useless lol)

  5. “JUST WATCH AM GONNA BE LEADER JUST U WAIT (from naruto saying he will become hokage) JUST YOU WAIT I WILL BECOME LEADER!

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