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Igloo Contest

And, if you’d like to enter, I need to know your name, if you’re a member, and if you are meh buddy. Entering ends on Thursday. Same with voting.


12 Responses

  1. I’m entering it, and Cahockey your my buddy

  2. I don’t think it counted my vote on Halloween

    • Don’t worry, it did.


    Cahockey: That’s a pointless comment, thanks for trying to get us on google. You can only vote once even if you try (ono)

  4. Theres something strange going on with the Campfire at the cove. If you wait a few moments it gets really large then goes back down, I think it means Card-Jitsu Water or Card-Jitsu Snow, becasue the same thing happened last year when Card-Jitsu Fire Came out

    Cahockey: This is SW, not a CP cheat site. CP sucks so I don’t really care, but haven’t they said that it is gonna be water?

  5. I know but I just want people to know

  6. OK I just updated my igloo last Friday but I will change it again for the contest. Looks like Halloween is winning.

  7. hi frothe

  8. i like snow

  9. I’m readying my igloo, I probally won’t win though. If there was a puffle decorating one then I would! 😀

  10. I changed my igloo so I’m not in the contest anymore, unless cahockey saw my igloo before

    Cahockey: I didn’t look, so I guess your out.

  11. who won anyway?

    Cahockey: Actually, I don’t know xD.

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