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      Copiedfrom                                                                                                                                                           Here is the 2nd ever BFA Small Army Tournament. We hosted a tournament back in our first generation and it was epic. (the post was deleted when we restarted.) So here we go.

We are hosting a small army tournament. So please read below.


Date: Sunday September 12th

Time: 1:00pst,4:00est,9:00gmt (45 Minutes time limit.)

Place: Outback

Here is the key for the map.

Red: Recruiting

Black: War Zones

Blue: Blue division Base

Orange: Orange division Base

Yellow: Yellow division Base

Green: Green divisions Base


If your army wants to join here are the requirments.

  • Your army must be Small.  From 5-20 active members.
  • You must leave a link to your site and chat.
  • A leader from your army must meet on www.xat.com/poppymelt during the tournament.
  • No Allies at all.
  • I will be judging the winners of the tournament.
  • You must take pictures of the tournament. (3-7 pictures)

Ok Now here is the group of armies and the division they are in.

Please note divisions are just for grouping the armies before the war starts. You do not have to battle armies in your division and your division does not fight as one army.

Orange Division

  •  Bacon Flavored Army 

Green Division

  •  Pretzels

Blue Division

  •  Rebel Unit

Yellow Division



In other words im going to do a poll to decide what should we do


8 Responses

  1. We’re already having an igloo contest anyway…

    • Yeah I’m not sure why its being asked again?

  2. I thought we we were a medium army

  3. We are a medium army, we cannot do this.

    • i talked to Cahockey SW is joining

      Cahockey: Never said dat, but okay.

  4. o.o ok

  5. It seems like fun though. 😦

  6. i agree with super pal 1

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