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Defending Glacier

Pretzels are invading Glacier. They would fail, so they had to make it at bad times. Anyway, here’s da info.

Date: Sunday, September 12th, 2011


  • 12:00 NOON PST
  • 1:00 PM MST
  • 2:00 PM CST
  • 3:00 PM EST

Location: Glacier, start at town.

5 medals if you can come!


18 Responses

  1. 1 explain how that would be bad times 2 you put 2011 not 2010

    Cahockey: Bad times. 1 PST. Impossible to come to for everyone. Exactly what you did when you invaded SW. You put it at five PM cause we kick your butt. And the 2011 was so SP3 could correct me likes he always does 🙄

  2. idk maybe

  3. umm. thats not bad times. infact thats great times.

    Cahockey: For you.

  4. 3 armies against us? We got some enemies

  5. Change It To 1 Hour Earlier.

    Cahockey: Thank you.

    • 1 hour earlier and I’ll be late 😦

  6. Wait why are you posting this now when it says next year? or is it a typo?

    Cahockey: It was a typo I put there on purpose cause I knew you would correct me like always.

    • so it was a typo so it is tomorow

      • sorry i am a bad speller

  7. Hi. We are the delta ailliance. We planning to create the biggest war club penguin has ever seen. Most of you will know that ACP are the biggest army on cp. We would like to start a war with them using every single army we can get our hands on. We are planning to take over ACP’s main server (which is breeze). We need to get as many penguins as possible together to fight ACP and to defeat them. We really need your help on this so please join our alliance. Also, please could anybody who reads this foward it on to another army. Here is the website:


    Together we can do more. Many thanks if you join up.

  8. i just joined pretzels because i wanted to be in another army and they would probably not fight snow warriors, now this! But im defending for SW and fighting pretzels because SW is my main army, sorry pretzels

  9. 2011? wtf

  10. I can’t come… I got hockey

  11. Sorry, Can’t come, but maybe I can…

  12. i can come but to bad some of them cant espcaily my divison

  13. I think I can’ come. We’ll see x]

  14. I actually can come I think

  15. Wait Aren’t they our allies!

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