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Taking Ice Pond from… Noob Army


Cahockey- Alex Cone made a sneak attack. He went on a random time and said he won Ice Pond. That isn’t possible. A) You need times B) He broke the 24 hour rule. So this will be considered an invasion, even though we still have it and he is a liar. Alex, you need to come to this or you lose what you say is yours. When we get it back, we will have it under complete protection. Meaning this invasion will make it so he can’t take it back from us, no matter how he tries. But other armies can, but if it is any army he has a relationship with a he has told them to do it, it won’t count and we will still own it. Alex, you need to agree with this. If you don’t, we get Ice Pond back. If you do, you have a chance to keep it and we can’t possibly take it back from you. But if we win, you can’t take it from us ever. So lose it, or possibly have it under protection for ever. Your choice.

Even though Ice Pond is ours, a noob army called CPD lead by Alex Cone said they own it and threatened to invade it. I’m not scared, but they are, so they asked SP and Nachos. They’ll get SP, but no Nachos. If we need to, we have IV, but honestly we don’t need them. So this invasion is to show that we have it, even though we already do.

Date: Saturday, Sept 18th 2010


  • 11:00 AM PST
  • 12:00 NOON MST
  • 1:00 PM CST
  • 2:00 PM EST

Location: Ice Pond

So there will be five rooms. Beach, Dock, Town, Snow Forts, and Soccer Pitch. First to get 3 rooms wins. There will be 10 minutes in every room. If someone runs away it’s an automatic win for that room for the other army. If they have no one ten minutes after it starts, we keep Ice Pond.

5 medals. Comment if you can come!


13 Responses

  1. Might leave on thursday might get grounded its back to school night maybe

  2. last time i checked, we plan the day and time. we won’t be there that day. if you don’t show up to the REAL one, you lose. you are scared. we told you its a sneak attack. we know when it is, but you dont.

  3. we are the cped and heres a link

  4. and by the way, we plan it, not you

  5. take down those times. for a hint, that wont be the times

    • we won, the sneak attack was today. heres some links.

      you did have a no show. would you look at that.

      Cahockey: That is sad. You need a 24 hour rule to win an event. This is true. Ask anyone. And you are scared so you did a sneak attack. That is very very very sad. Don’t call us scared if you make an event when everyone is in school, you break the rules, and you don’t even tell us. Get the heck out of here. You are just mental.

  6. obviously not everyone, dumbo. some people had early release. heres how it works, you say that your not scared, yet when you don’t win, you break the rules of what was said. WE will plan the invasion, not you. get that in your brain, dumbo, if you even have one( which i know you don’t).

    Cahockey: Yes, you plan the one that you invade. But now it’s our turn, and we’re playing fair this time. We get to pick the times since we are invading it now. No fighting against that, or that shows you are dumb if you say you pick the times for our reclaiming (invasion, but you’re taking it back if you didn’t know what that meant.)

  7. plus we don’t agree to your terms and if we don’t invade, there is no battle, so nobody wins. we invade when we feel like. and we did have times, you just didn’t know about them. it was posted and deleted that it would be 3 oclock. you just didn’t check our link, dumbo.

    Cahockey: If you don’t agree to our terms, that’s your fault. We have the right to take it back, even though we have it, and no matter how many sneak attacks you do I don’t give a crap, you won’t get it back, because that it cheap.

  8. in case you didn’t know this, the second invasion is happening because the first one was VOIDED. that means it didn’t happen, meaning we still pick the times.

    Cahockey: Fine if you pick times, but no sneak attacks, and only on weekends. If we’re gonna play fair you have to also. What time zone are you?

  9. heres all i have to say.

  10. be real warrior and fight us and plus i think your scared because we have a strong army

  11. not scared smart. youll see on the day of the invasion. the invasion will probably be on a friday night or a saturday morning, because i have football to watch on saturday afternoons and stuff to do on sundays

    Cahockey: Saturday morning is best, I would thank you if you can do that. But friday night is screwing everyone.

  12. it won’t be this saturday. this saturday is PACKED for me.

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