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Special Promotions

Since we got 11 at the event on Sunday, I’m giving us special promos. No double promos, just singles, but whatever.


Cmatic G, Super Pal 3, Super Pal 1, Koko218, Conankun01, Asheley4, Dodo234

All demos will be done on ranks. Oh, and we need to have an election for who will get upto the owner line. Comment if you want Ezyegamer or Cmatic G passing the owner line.


12 Responses

  1. Tell me if you were forgotten and you are actually active.

  2. go Cmatic g

    • Can I be your buddy on CP? (I’m trying to be buddies with everyone in the SW)

      • was that for me because if it was then sure.

  3. Even I get a promo? I have mixed feelings about you Cahockey.


    • ok which one do you vote for?

  5. umm
    Its not a contest, You’re Both able to win 😀

  6. why cant we use that polldaddy thing?

  7. Attention SW: What Option did you get for the Teams in the poll in “What’s New”?

    P.S (I got Option #2)

    and cahockey, I know this is a pointless comment, I’m just curious

    Cahockey: Look at http://clubpenguincp.com it tells you everything. Anyway option a is green, B is red, C is Blue and D is yellow.

  8. ill be inactive for a couple of days…

  9. Anyone on go on SW chat

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