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We win Ice Pond

Well we did a sneak attack at CPED, so we won Ice Pond! Alex, if you say we were cheating, you’re calling yourself a cheater. So we are shielded ;-). Here are the pics of our win on Ice Pond:

Alex, now that we both have used a sneak attack, neither of us can use sneak attacks. We can only use real invasions, with the 24 hour rule, and no bad times. If you use another sneak attack it doesn’t count and we will still have it. You can only use real invasions now. Sp go cry to your mommy.

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    • yea cahockey

  2. Can we just kill the army already.. I’m getting tired of doing nothing.

    Cahockey: You’re tired of doing nothing because you never come to our events :roll:.

    • Do you do this to everyone you THINK is inactive? He was grounded for a month and you came back a month ago dude.

      Cahockey: I think you should not be doing this stuff. Since I waived the probation I haven’t even gotten a thank you then I get this. Quite sad. Anyway he doesn’t come to much events. Frothe is the one who is always always always there, I’m half as much as him, everyone else is quarter. Mmjjoo is eighth



  5. What does SP stande for?

  6. i voided it and we had more people than that. plus we had it on our site and you didn’t check it. i also took down the post about us winning.

  7. I remember The Nachos did this to ACP to prove a point. ACP did a sneak attack on The Nacho capital server and claimed it. The Nachos did sneak attacks of all ACP servers at like 4am in the morning saying that they now owned all the servers. They did this to prove a point.

    You can NOT just show up on a server and claim it without first contacting the army that owns it. Giving a 24 hour (or more) notice and an attack at a reasonable time.

    The reason to have an army is to fight other armys. The servers is just a trophy of being able to beat other armys. The fun part is the battles. If your affraid to lose you will never find the fun of growing to become a strong army. Remember that lesson: If you try and fall, when you get back up you will be that much stronger.

    • Actually, I’m sheilded, so here it goes. CHEATER. we posted it on our site, it came close to the attack, I took it down, and we attacked, leaving you helpless because you didn’t look at my site.

      Frothe: As I said no army will give up their server without a fair fight. We own it. If you want it then set up a fair fight for it. That is the only way you can take it from us if you can. If you dont understand what I just said then you need to get educated on how CP armys work. So you can cry and whine all you want but it will do you no good. That is all.

      • ;P

      • all of this doesn’t matter. the only thing that matters is battle day.

    • heres something that i would like to point out. if you go to one of the smartest armies, the nachos, website, you will see that they have all nachos patrol their servers. this is to defend against sneak attacks making them legall in every way possible. if you patrolled your servers, you would have had people there to help fight off a sneak attack. this means that if sneak attacks were illegal, nobody would have to patrol servers, so they aren’t. and if I have no proof that I invaded ice pond, neither do you.

      Cahockey: We don’t patrol servers because: No one is dumb/scared enough to break the rules and do a sneak attack.

  8. i know everything. heres a link to my latest post.

    Frothe: Your facts are all wrong. That quote refers to the Storm Warriors (SW) not Snow Warriors.

    • if thats true then you should probably either fight them for a name change, or change your name.


      • well then get them to.

      • Noob, armies can share abrreviations you know 🙄

      • We didnt need to fight them cuz like most small armys they only last 2 months tops. Storm Warriors went incative in July and I believe they are dead now.

        There are some armys that have the same initials.

        Doritos of CP and Defense of CP = DCP
        Snow Warriors, Storm Warriors, Shadow Warriors = SW
        Ice Warriors and Imperial Warriors = IW

      • wrong, doritos of cp and defenders of cp had a war and defenders of cp became cp defenders. get YOUR facts straight.

  9. 😉

  10. Say wait a second….. if its a sneak attack… wheres the proof it was on the actual server? They might have done it on a different server and we just attacked our own. :S

  11. hey he has got a point

  12. Hi I am in the whole alliance thing but I just wanted to say that I am supporting what the Snow Warriors did. You guys were not scared, they just did a dumb sneak attack that is against the rules. I think that you were right to do a sneak attack back just to get your server back.

    Cahockey: Thanks for that, you are completly right. If you want to quit the alliance and help us you can be our allies, we only have 1 so far. Our others are neutral allies because they haven’t helped us in war. So if you want to join our side, that’s good with me. IF you help us, we can help you, and we get like 10, so that’s pwnage.

  13. thanks

  14. hey, i have proof that sneak attacks are legal. here it is.

  15. I am definitely considering it deeply,
    actually I accept. We are going to invade all of their servers other than Frostbite and Sparkle because we own them. So i join and declare war on the CP Small Army Alliance.

  16. Well I put a retirement post on that I am leaving them with my army.
    P.S. I am planing a big attack
    hee hee

  17. hee hee heee WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. CP Navy should be our ally!

  19. :@ CP Defenders are causeing a ruckuss, we beat the SP fair and square :@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Oh yeah


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