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Rhyme Time

Well everyone liked the story chain game so lets try another game like it. 😀

Using one sentence rhyme it with the comment before you.

After 8 sentences you may change the rhyme word.

Try to make it flow as a story.

You can NOT comment on your own comment.


I went on Club Penguin and I was in luck.

I found Aunt Artic learning to drive a truck.

17 Responses

  1. The Snow Warriors were all ready for a good fight.

  2. Through CP with a good delight.

  3. then team yellow and team blue were prepared to fight at night!

  4. Through the night came a light which light was white

  5. but then the mighty might of frothe and cahockey pierced the light

  6. And then Mmjjoo got into a fist fight

  7. which caused a big fright but the bystanders squealed in delight

  8. After Mmjjoo won the fight everyone knew he was right

    (ok thats number 8 so the next comment can change the rhyme word)

  9. The crowd turned and went away thats all there was to see today

  10. They went over to the play and thats what they watched for the rest of the day

  11. until the stack of hay came out of the bay which came and made say AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    Frothe: No………until some hay suddenly clogged the bay stranded boaters had to call in a mayday

  12. until a giant clogged the bay and saved the day

  13. A pizza parlor employee wanted pay

  14. but then the customer said NO WAY

  15. The pizza he was served was gray

  16. but Super Pal 3 decided to stay anyway but then he had to go to the play

  17. The play he saw was a fairy tale

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