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Shedule For School

Yes, I just deleted the whole thing. I’m changing it now.

For school, we will recruit/practice EVERYDAY! (besides weekends or days with battles). On Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays we will do recruiting sessions at 3:00 PM PST on4-5 bar servers. On Thursdays and Fridays we will do Division PBs on Matterhorn at 4:00 PM PST.

Oh, and 5 medals each.

33 Responses

  1. My school ends at 3:45! 😦 So does Dodo’s. Just letting you guys know for the future 😉

    Cahockey: Sorry, but we need to get more active.

  2. Can you make it 4:00 PST? PLEASE, or me and SP1, SP1 for sure can’t make it

    Cahockey: Maybe, we’ll see how it goes. But normal armes don’t change things just for certain troops. Some times that are good for you are bad for others. Like does anyone want events at 7 at night in EST? No.

  3. Thurdays i never will be able i have to read thitrty minutes plus homework

  4. PST,EST What time zone after all were not right next to you

  5. uh i have school until 3:40 on Fridays and mon.-thurs until 5:15

    • Your in VIK? WOW! I know you less then I thought.

      • i dont like it there. not one bit

  6. Hi im jackjack2006 i was wondeering since your kinda on a fall would like to merge with the 2nd best small army called Earth Warriors. Heres the site link comment on here with your responce remeber YOUR MERGING INTO US!!! anyway heres the link

    Cahockey: Shut up. Stop asking us to merge into you. You are an army about 3 times smaller than us, we would never do that. You’re just wasting your time with these pointless comments.

  7. hm Thursdays are a no and Fridays are a maybe.

    We do need to get active during the week again.

  8. anyone on come on SW chat

  9. what time is it in MST!!!

    Cahockey: Calculate it yourself, you should know, but I think you are like 8-9, so you probably don’t know. Search it up.

    • Thursday would be 4pm MST

      Friday would be 5pm MST

      • thanks

    • He’s 10. He’s my best friend

      Cahockey: Ten. Makes sense now. He won’t know tactics and everything as well. And if you play soccer in the same group you’re ten too. Pretty yound if you have this good grammar.

      • wait what the… how did that get there?

      • sp1 = language alp
        dodo234=almost alp math
        that proves my bad spelling and no good grammar but shockingly im [ in a.r] purple neon green and silver

    • close ten good guess though

  10. lol

  11. school is hard 😐

  12. umm idk about these times :\

  13. lol 4th comment = 20 medals XD

  14. 5th comment

  15. 6th = 30 medals

  16. 7th cuz 7×5=35 😛
    so 35 tix

  17. medals*

  18. T_T i was soo eddicted to the fall fair i didnt want it to end so now idk y im saying tix its meadles

  19. too many typos 😐

  20. i am a bad speller

    • ……..and a bad aimer……

      • yeah right and you have bad balence

  21. Sorry I was so inactive I was banned from computer for the weekend 😥 😦

  22. I’m sorry but I cant come on these days because I have homework and school ends at 3:00 =(.

  23. Fridays and thursdays maybe but not other days i get home at 3:00 from picking up my sister whos in a difrent school

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