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Defending Ice Pond

CP Defenders just wont listen to us. So they scheduled a battle of Ice Pond.

Date: Saturday, September 25th

Server:Ice Pond (duh)

Starting room: Snow Forts


  • 11:00 AM PST
  • 12:00 NOON MST
  • 1:00 PM CST
  • 2:00 PM EST

Rules are the army with the best tactics and size wins. This is a head to head battle for the server in the Snow Forts. You dont have to claim rooms, just beat the other army in battle. If the other army runs away to claim rooms then we win automatically.

Anyway there asking people to help. There just scared there gonna lose.


16 Responses

  1. OK so this is the same time as our battle with the Earth Warriors. 😐

  2. 😐

  3. Ummmm you dont have Ice Pond these people do and ino were allies Earth Warriors never go against allies these ppl have Ice Pond http://clubpenguinsmallarmyalliance.wordpress.com/servers/

    Cahockey: Those people actually never invaded it from us. They are trying, but they never got it, and never will. We had it first, they never took it, only by sneak attack because they were scared, then I did one back to prove a point.

  4. For everyone that is in the CPFBI, here is the new website:

    Cahockey: No Advertising! You already said it.

  5. no I didn’t, where is the comment then?

  6. You said asking if we wanted to be in the tournament.

  7. oh yeah, I forgot, sorry cahockey

  8. no thx

  9. when, not if, when we win this will be the 3rd time. no more of your little crying and whining to get a rematch.

    Cahockey: You won’t win. It will be a no show. We will win, and you won’t be able to try to invade again. 1st time you never one, the sneak attack was breaking the rules, it didn’t count, and there has been no second yet. So this is actually the first fair war. You won’t admit a loss, I know that. I could take it to anyone and they’d say we won.

  10. CPFBI, will help, (cahockey please let us help, we really want to. and we just recruited 6 very active recruits)

    Cahockey: CPFBI can help, but will not be considered an ally unless someone not in SW comes. You can come under CPFBI, but you won’t receive 5 medals.

  11. What if we come under both (half the time, we’re CPFBI) and the other half SW?

    Cahockey: half medals

  12. YOU GUYZ ARE SOOOOO SCARED!!! you think that the small army alliance will beat you, so you are trying to break them up. don’t try to lie, i know everything. you lied to the cp navy about not being in an alliance to get in the top 10, now you are trying to get cpud on your side. you offered them a land grant, HAHA. if they attack with us, there is nobody above them on the server. we all share it equally, and decisions are made by voting. dont try to say that your not scared, because no matter how many times you do, you’re lying, and a lot of people know it.

    Cahockey: I’m not scared, I’m trying to get you ally-less because YOU are scared. I have to say I’m impressed you had the guts to invade it non sneak attacks. I could hanve easily gotten Ice Vikings which get 15 but I don’t need them. Getting CPUD and CP Navy is like getting 2 people basically. I wouldn’t need that. You would. So I’m getting you ally-less. Which would make you lose cause you’d have 0-1 there and we’d have ten. Guess what? Did you see our circles we made yesterday? Impressive. Something you would never get.


  14. Read it and weep.
    you lost we won its over.

    • You guys totally owned.Were noobs and cant accept the fact we lost

  15. Lol I had to do that.

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