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No one is coming to the school schedule. No excuses, because they are fake. If we can’t get at least 4-5 at just one school schedule meeting I won’t do promotions for this month. So this one will make you come I’ll bet. I’m offering 5 medals, and no one comes! I’m gonna have an active count for us. All who don’t comment will not get a promotion for the next promo day… that is if we have one. So just comment saying your active.


13 Responses

  1. Cahockey=Active.

  2. sorry, I can’t make the ones on Thursday 😦


  4. kay we can change the times and date

  5. Active

  6. Sorry I couldn’t make the one today I went to piano, then soccer, then Cub Scouts, then I had to do my homework, then I had to practice trombone :S
    – Active

    • you never told me you were in cub scouts.

  7. I am active.

  8. Its hard for me to go to these events, I will try, I check the website everyday

  9. Active

  10. I am active!

  11. Koko218 Im active

  12. shoot i didnt make it today but i will be active for now on

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