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Each server needs to have a president. And the presidents are responsible for everything that happens to a certain server. I want to make new ones because it isn’t fair that only anyone can get them. So these first elections are for Below Zero. Comment if you would like to enter for Below Zero elections. I’ll give you three days then I’ll put the poll up. And you don’t have to comment for who you voted for. Each winner gets to have the server, but they are responsible for anything that happens to it. If someone invades a server that you are president of and you defend it, you receive 10-15 medals. If we lose, you might lose it. But heres something. If someone invades it during a no ally battle and they win you won’t lose it because there isn’t much you could do. If there is allies allowed you’re job is to try to gather as many allies as you can. But if we still lose you might lose it again. So start entering. State your name, rank, and why you’re good for the job. AND THIS IS BELOW ZERO!


17 Responses

  1. Ezyegamer

    Head General

    I would be good for the job because i have been in SW for at least a year now and I would defend Below Zero against ANY ARMY and get as much allies as i could!

  2. Super Pal 3

    Major General

    I think I would be a good president for Below Zero, I have a lot of experience defending servers. (I’ve defended Fog, Below Zero, Freezer, Frozen, Glacier)
    I’ve been in a lot of armies, and I think I’d be a good president for Below Zero, for the SW

  3. Kkabc123
    Im a leader I think im president of some army tho

  4. I mean server

  5. Koko218


    I think I would be good for Below Zero,Because it would be good for me to expirience something big.I will try my best!I think I’d be a good president for Below Zero,for SW.

  6. Hi the CP Navy wants a battle. Comment on our site if you accept or decline.

    • :O Practice battle or real battle?

  7. Raphle8


    I deserve to be prsedent because i listen and am now being active.I also think that Someone should also help me if I do get elected(wich won’t happen)

  8. I vote for Super Pal 3

    • You can not vote yet

  9. well 1 thing is for sure i cant be elveted cuz i cant go to everysingle raid or watever and also i can only do it on special occasion like vacations or weekends so it cant be me sorry

  10. ❗ Attention VOTE FOR SUPER PAL 3 ❗

    Cahockey: It’s still time for entering, not voting.

    • ok sorry cahockey I was just testing my theory on how to get bold and it worked 😀

  11. ❗ VOTE FOR SUPER PAL 3 ❗

  12. I know, I’m working on it

  13. I made a banner, but how do i post it on the site?

  14. Does Mr.Muckyfeet still hate us?P.S Whatever happend to bring SW to its knees.

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