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SW dead?

OK somebody has told people that The Snow Warriors have died. 😕 I go on chat and everybody wants me to join their army cuz they are saying the Snow Warriors are dead. I tell them NO WAY! Snow Warriors are NOT dead! We need to show people we are still alive and well. So we are getting together: 😉

Friday September 24th on the Matterhorn server

  • 4pm PST
  • 5pm MST
  • 6pm CST
  • 7pm EST
  • 8pm Brazil time
  • 12mid UK

We will have a tactic session and maybe do some recruiting also. Yes you will get medals but we will also see how many people show up and take some pictures so people can see we are not dead. We are going to battle CPED Saturday and I expect everybody to be there. See the post Kkabc made below.

Cahockey we should finish the igloo contest Sunday and post the winners. So you have until Sunday to get your igloos ready. Remember Halloween theme! 😀

Also comment on the Active post below this if you have not done so.

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  1. I will come!

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