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Ice Pond now a shared server

Cahockey: No one had a halloween igloo so nobody won xD

So we had our battle with the CP small army alliance (CPED & CPUD). After the battle CPUD leader Oyo8 said they were out-numbered and would admit defeat if they could share the server. Kkabc and I, Frothe, accepted his terms and we now share the server which I am extending to share with CPED also. The reason for this I will explain below. But for now we will share Ice Pond with CPED & CPUD. We will also be an allie with CPUD because Oyo8 is a pretty good guy to talk to. Now I will try to explain some problems.

Empire of CP (Brazilian army)

A while back I met some CP soldiers on chat from Brazil. They speak Portuguese and have CP armys on the Portuguese servers just like we have CP armys on our English servers. They saw the Snow Warriors and wanted to become our allies. They hoped that some day we could fight together. So when they heard about this battle they asked me if they could come and help. So I said sure thinking that this would be an interesting adventure. However the translator on the xat chats sometimes does not translate very well. So communication breaks down at times because neither of us know what the other is actually saying due to bad translations. Needless to say there is also a difference on how we do our tactics. In Brazil bots are legal to use in battle. I did not know this until it was to late. On English servers bots are not allowed to be used in battle. So I had to apologize to the CP Small Army Alliance for our Brazilian friends who were using bots.

Now if you remove the Empire of CP army from the battle you will see that both sides (SW & CP Small Army Alliance) were pretty even in size. I think Snow Warriors had about 2 more penguins at times. I also think that SW may of had better tactics but since the bots were interfering its hard to tell for sure. So this is why I say that the battle should be considered a tie. Here are some pics:

Thanks to the Earth Warriors, Ice Vikings, and Empire of CP for helping us out. I am a little upset with our turnout today. 😐 SW should of had at least 10 on but we didn’t. This should of been an easy win for us but now I am thinking we are slipping and I need to put more time into this army to get it back in shape. I will add medals tonight.

Frothe edit: Medals have been added.

8 Responses

  1. thanks

  2. I found a website that says you can download clones

  3. If you are counting the blue penguin in the ninja mask as part of you, you are slightly mistaken. he is my dad and blue is the only color he has.

    Cahockey: I have to say that is sad that you got your dad to come to this battle because of how scared you were.

    • not scared. i didnt ask him 2, he just came.

      • Are you talking about Van Cone cuz I counted him on your side.

        Lets see Oyo, Spider, Ty, Alex, and Van.

  4. Size: Tie, but SW had advantages at lots of times

    Tactics: SW easy win.

    So SW would have easily won if ECP did not bring bots.

  5. Oh right, I would really like to take it back from CPED, but not CPUD, and not bring bots this time. CPUD would not come and keep share with us, then CPED would have the 99.99999999999999 chance they would lose it, the .0000000000000000001 chance being everyone not able to make it. Then us and CPUD would live happily ever after 😀 xD

    • heres how the saa sees it. a small, a medium, and a large army can all own a server because they are on different levels. when you become medium, you might have 2 fight somebody bigger than you for it. then we can help you and all own ice pond without sharing it.

      Cahockey: You’re saying this: CPED has the small Ice Pond, SW has medium Ice Pond, and ____ has large Ice Pond? I get it, and I’m fine like that.

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