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We win

CPED didnt admit defeat but CPUD did.Heres some pics.Also they used clones.Anyway Oyo8 admitted that they lost.BUT ONLY CPUD GETS SERVER.If you give it to CPED were taking it.But were sharing.I dont have pic of them admitting cause I had to leave.Anyway we were fighting for about an hour.Then they wouldnt admit defeat .So I asked IV to help.For extra owning.All they did was lines and J bombs and sun emote or Farts.So thanks Empire of cp Brazil and thanks to IV.



3 Responses

  1. We had an agent that isn’t from the SW so cahockey, we are officially the Snow Warriors allies

  2. you know whats sad. you needed allies that get 10+ to beat us and you still couldnt. thats sad. you use bots, they r illegal, we win. its over. our agreement was once 1 of us won it was over. we win its over.

  3. Um u used a ALLIANCE 9 ARMIES.You are a noob and barely started cp armies.Your probally a ACP solder.Who says ACP RULESZ!!!SHIFT111

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