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Your Choice/Changes

Your Choice first: You can pick 2 in the poll. Chose wisely.

For changes: The school schedule is not working well unless it is on Fridays at 4 PST. So my plan is you can recruit at original times, but you don’t need to, or you’re not expected to. You’re expected to come every Fridays at 4 PST on Matterhorn, and that’s it, unless you can go on other times, and you want to recruit. Otherwise you don’t need to because almost no one can. Everyones school is ending at 3:30 and some end at 4:15. Quite sad because mine ends at 2:30. I assumed majority would be the same. So now just Fridays at 4 unless other things are scheduled.


11 Responses


    Cahockey: Who came not from SW?

    • Iceberg Ice 1 and 81raider81

    • CAHOCKEY! PAY ATTENTION!!! 🙄 We’re declaring war to break up the CPSAA, not on just CPED. 🙄

      Cahockey: I don’t care what you’re trying to do. You are not getting in the way of SW’s war. It’s ours. Not CPFBI’s. You’re not gonna declare war on CPSAA because that is our war. When I officially say we are done feel free to have war with them. But you can’t get in the way of our war.

      • I didn’t like CPSAA before this war. Once I saw they we’re planning to destroy ACP, I couldn’t take it and am about to declare war. This is none of your business.

        Cahockey: No one likes CPSAA. They are scared idiots. They have no chance of killing ACP. No offense, but if you think they could kill ACP, you are quite crazy. I said this is none of YOUR business. This is our war, not yours. Like I said, get away from out war.

        Frothe: From what I have seen is that CPUD is teaming up with IW to fight ACP over the server Sub Zero. Also CPUD leader (Oyo8) used to be in ACP maybe you should talk to him first before going to war with his army alliance.

      • Dude, they are gathering every army they can.

      • They have gathered 20 armies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALSO THEY BEAT IW FOR SUB ZERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :X

        Cahockey: Sorry to wreck your fun. But it was ACP who did that, and CPSAA helped, to make them selves look good, even though they’d get like 5 people there, thats nothing. ACP doesn’t even know they’re doing that.

  2. Check CPFBI website for more info

  3. We should have a kinda small world war.With there Alliance and some allies to help us.

  4. i voted for PB with Earth Warriors XD

    • I voted for a PB with the Earth Warriors to.

  5. I just want to say this. I am not Alex Cone okay. He is saying all of this stupidly random dumb stuff. I am not leaving the alliance for my own armies good to get big. But when we get big you will not see us in the SAA you will see us helping the SW ohh yeah.

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