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Choose wisely. I’ll give you until Sunday to vote.

Good luck candidates.


20 Responses

  1. please vote for Super Pal 3, I think I will be a good below zero president, I’m an experienced snow warrior! 😀

  2. Please vote for Super Pal 3, I think I will be a good president and I’m an experienced Snow Warrior!
    Snow Warriors are AWESOME!

  3. please vote for super pal 3!

  4. I think I will be a good Below Zero president, because I am an experienced Snow Warrior

  5. i voted you sp3

  6. Vote for Ezyegamer, i was here since first generation! That’s a LOT of experience!

  7. I have a kind of really long comment. But first i would like to say something, and that is sorry to CAHOCKEY. I am very sorry for calling you mean. I got caught up in the moment. Also I would like an owner to please make a post about this and also a poll. Would you guys and us be willing to do a giant merge. We could come up with a new name and pone people. Comment on theclubpenguinnavyarmy.wordpress.com with your answer or any questions.

  8. First of all Im more experinced than SP3 and Eyzegamer combined.

    Cahockey: He’s got a point, but is he the best president? Not my choice.

    • :X but he does have a point he is more experienced but I think I’d be a good president

      Cahockey: Why are you obsessed with :X? Anyway it’s :x. Or 😡

      • 🙂 I just like doing 😡

  9. Umm I own Ice Pond and I own that and came to invasion of it.Also President of someting else I think.So Dont vote for me

    Cahockey: I’m re-electing every server. So you won’t own Ice Pond unless you keep it. But you could get Below Zero though.

  10. I hope I win please vote for me! It would be a good experience for me as a Snow Warrior 😀

  11. If The CP Navy merged into you guys would ajman9011 and P711 be leaders?

    Cahockey: No, I don’t want 5 leaders. Anyway this army wouldn’t be the same and might go downhill (no offense)

  12. cahockey ino u need to do some like PB and stuff but EW wont be open for anymore battles just giving u a head up 😉

  13. You guys could be co-leader.One though the rest ambassador or bridgader gen,Ima be gone for about a month.Maybe more or less.I just barely got on today

  14. Hello. My name is Therad, and I am the creator of the Delta Alliance. I created this alliance to defeat ACP once and for all, but we don’t have enough armies. We are asking you to join our fight against the largest army club penguin has ever seen. Please sign up now at:
    Thank you.

    Cahockey: No.

  15. Good Choice Cahockey

  16. can you help my army in a battle heres info just for the Invasion though http://clubpenguinearthwarriors.wordpress.com/2010/10/03/invading-cp-avaiotrshelping-tgallies-with-stgoing-away-for-a-while/#comments

  17. why are you taking so long Cahockey


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