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Its B-Day time!

Everybody wish Dodo234 a Great Fantastic Awesome Birthday!!! :mrgreen:

Remember Friday is tactics day so be on Matterhorn at:

  • 4pm PST
  • 5pm MST
  • 6pm CST
  • 7pm EST

Start the new month off with a few medals. 😀


13 Responses

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! 😛

    Did anybody see my new story I started?

  2. Happy Birthday Dodo!

  3. plus how do i post?

  4. im not in SW but HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVE U! (hello) XD

  5. thanks

  6. Happy Birthday. And nice pic Frothe. I saw your story because it said the stories were updated. Just one thing. Don’t make posts that big unless it has the read more thing. Or else it doesn’t let anyone else see more important things.

  7. Happy Birthday :mrgreen:

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Thanks for the cookie and sorry if I made you nervous at lunch lol

  9. thx

  10. 11th

  11. happy birthday!!! 🙂 (sorry i frogot)

  12. for*

  13. Thank you (8)

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