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Promos/soldier of the month

Cahockey: Ezyegamer has passed the owner line. So I have added him onto the site. Feel free to post Ezyegamer.

Promos are ready. Just look on the ranks to see if you got one. And I think Frothe screwed the medals because there is no way Super Pal 1 could be ahead of me. I’ve been to more events than him. Anyway, the new soldier of the month (that was a really fast month) is

Super Pal 3!

Congratulations. You deserve it. I wanted you to get it all month. Medals will be restarted to 0. I’ll do it for you Frothe 😉

6 Responses

  1. I tried coming to school schedule yesterday and the server was full, so at least i came

  2. 😉 SP1 caught up to you when you didn’t come to the Ice Pong INvasion

    Cahockey: 5 medals that is. And I was like 10 ahead.

  3. 😀 Thanks! I really wanted it.

  4. SOTM!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Cahockey, it IS poosible for someone to beat you in medals you know 🙄

    Cahockey: I know, but I had checked the medals the day before and I was ahead by 10. So unless Frothe gave 12 medals to each person for the invasion, it’s fake.

    • No I gave out 5 medals for the tactics on that Friday (cuz you said everybody gets 5 medals) and 7 medals to the invasion on Saturday.

      Cahockey got +5

      Super Pal 1 got +12

      ps: you guys are tied with medals right now. 😉

      Cahockey: Oh, thats why. It sayd invasions were 5, so I guess it was more important. But 7 is capital server.

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