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We Are Ignoring CPED

CPED is so mental they won’t listen to us because they are scared. They made an invasion of Below Zero at the time of the invasion. That’s how scared they were. I told him to change it, but he didn’t listen, so therefore we are ignoring CPED. No one is to comment on his website and we will delete all of his comments. And if he goes on chat guest himmand ban him forever. But ignore him. They are also not allowed to take our servers because we are not listening them. They can try, we won’t come, they’ll be wasting their time and not actually getting it. They can say they did, but truly, they didn’t, only in their 0.00000000001 of a brain cell, the one that let’s them live.


7 Responses

  1. Thats why I wanted to bury the hatch cuz I saw this was going to drag on and on. Really I didnt want to get stuck in fighting a one man army interrupting us any more. We are lagging in the small army top ten because of this guy. Its time to recruit and fight some real armys.

    • hes a nOOb go easy on him but yea he is a stupid 2 man army (him and his dad, lolzees) and he is ruining your army and the small army alliance,I think ill get rid of him.
      And if he could just PRETEND that this never happened then his army WAY be BETTER!!!!!! If he listened to us he would actually be okay.

  2. Why is every comment we put in moderation now?

    Cahockey: I like it that way. That way no BS comments are on the site before anyone approves them.

  3. ha take that Alex cone

  4. Well is it possible to make it so that some people’s comments aren’t in moderation?

    Cahockey: No and I wouldn’t really want that anyway.

  5. not everyone just people like Frothe, Super Pal 1,me,dodo,cmaticg,conankun,

  6. What about me?

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