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We need to make changes

I talked to Mmjjoo and he says he still checks the site everyday. I just wish he would come to some events. Friday is tactics day and we might have a Practice Battle with CPFBI on Saturday. I will make a post on Thursday with more info.

Well since Mmjjoo has not been active for the month of September I say we should make Basloo1 a leader. Mmjjoo can be an advisor or we can demote him or retire him. Let me know what you think in a comment.

I just completed the ranks page and medals page that was never finished by Cahockey. I cleared out the lower rank of all inactive penguins and demoted all red penguins. Also fixed the divisions up and adjusted the medals page to match.

I think this week we need to do some recruiting and get some PB’s or a tourney to get us active again.


5 Responses

  1. I would like a Practice Battle again, we actually have some ppl not in SW now.

  2. argreed with tourny idea

  3. I would like a practice battle as soon as Frothe sorts things out with divisions. Hopefull it can be this week, because I have fall break right now, but I’m not sure if I’m the only one or not. I would really like a PB.

  4. We would still own you

  5. Nevermind, we/you have a PB w/ IV anyway. I have planned one w/ EW.

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