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Below Zero Results

Short post… but the winner is

Super Pal 3. Good month for you, huh?


11 Responses

  1. Yo this is your former CP Navy leader and now Earth Warriors 2nd IC ajman9011. We have merged into EW. So we know that EW hate the SAA and stuff like that…
    … Well I am making a big announcement. The announcement will go on many armies site like ACP and many others just asking about stopping the CPED. We want them gone!
    They have ruthlessly became a power in small armies by attempting attacks on ACP. Alex Cone is such a loser who does not know when to shut up. So we ask you to be the first to help EW take down CPED.

  2. Congrats Super Pal 3!!! 😀

  3. Thanks! I will not let you down

  4. If EW really needs help then you guys are sore losers.You cant beat a 2 man army

  5. good job

  6. rwar

  7. 🙂 You need to change SW Empire

  8. hey guys im going somewhere for a few days so i will be back soon, see ya

  9. http://snow-warriors.myminicity.com/sec go to this link to increase security

    Cahockey: Yeah, I noticed that. I’ve been doing that, and I’m gonna blogroll it

  10. Guys I have recently seen that you guys are active and could be in CPUN’s Next top10 All you need are some pics of events are you will be easily in there

  11. Thanks

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