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basloo1 banned???!!!!!!!!!!!

Basloo1 = Banned.

Banned you are banned forever

(im not gonna tell a reason its secret) looks like my carrier is ova guyz bai!

Rest In Peace Basloo1… rest in peace..

Frothe- you were the best friend I eva had 🙂

Ezyegamer- ….. WHERE THE H3LL DID YOU GO MAN?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Mmjjoo- you were the best leader I ever had 😦

Cahockey- I’ll miss you man 😥

SP1,SP2,SP3,SP4.. ect- you were also my friends and PS sp1.. I stole your chicken =P

Conankun01- same goes with you

everyone else- STAY ACTIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


16 Responses

  1. bye

  2. Man were looseing are most active pepole.

  3. NOOOOOOOO! NOT YOU TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😦 Wait……:idea: YOU COULD MAKE A NEW PENGUIN CALLED BASLOO2!!!!!!!!!!! DO THAT!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And whats this about my chicken being stolen……?

  4. Umm just asking are you going to make a new penguin so you can continue your job?

  5. basloo1, you were one of my best friends, on CP and SW, and i was on a little vacation. But anyway, goodbye basloo1

  6. Can I haz his chicken xD

  7. >_> Basloo2 is taken xD mmjjoo sp1…. idk

  8. @mmjjoo i ate it =3

  9. Basloo3?

  10. cant u make another peng *wary*

  11. You probably hacked or swore, anyway bye. I think we are starting to die because of school :-(.

    • i agree

  12. I know your upset about getting your 2 1/2 year penguin banned but you should make another penguin right away. Cuz I think your not done with CP yet. But if you decide to leave for good I will miss you alot cuz your one of my best buds. 😦
    I hope you change your mind and stay.

    • ps: He gave me the chicken even tho it was a little gnawed on. 😉

  13. SNOW WARRIORS! PLZ DO NOT DELETE THIS COMMENT! THIS COMMENT IS FOR PEACE! I am offering a peace treaty. here is a link to it.
    I need a leader to comment that they approve before it can take affect. also state if we will be allies or just neutral.

  14. NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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