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Not Gonna Die, But Falling

School. Something everyone hates. 6 hours a day of brain washing. I’ve taped fake eyes that are open over my closed eyes at least 50 times now. And every year, armies start to fall in school because everyone gets harder work going one grade up. It really sucks. That is the reason majority of these people have retired. It is just a horrible thing. Due to this we have been falling pretty bad. BUT WE AREN’T GONNA DIE! I’ve lost a bit of activeness, but we can’t die. I won’t let that happen. I want at least 5-6 at the invasion and the PB. Everybody comment of they are active because we need to know.


3 Responses

  1. Eh, actually I have 7 hours of school 😦 but I’m not retiring, I finish most of my math at school

  2. Its tough to get people active during the week. First there is the time difference between PST-CST-EST. Then there are the soccer/hockey practices and music classes or martial arts. Then there is the homework and dinner times.

    We could cover more of the times if all leaders were active. But the best time for me is 5PST which maybe late for the east coast. So sorry but thats the best I can do.

  3. Umm super pal and I might be inative for third and fouth quter for future projects

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