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Okay Really?

So really..  We need to get active.  As soon as I come back all of a sudden you guys go un-active!  I don’t like it!  If we don’t have more than 8 members PB and Invasion (including me).  If we don’t I’m going to retire.  FOR GOOD!


4 Responses

  1. 1.You werent really active
    2.It wouldnt do much if you retired
    3.Were da same in activeness
    4.No Offense
    5.We maybe can’t get that much right now

  2. “Okay Really?” Exactly. If YOU retire, we would have Frothe and Cahockey ONLY. Do you WANT to send this army down in flames? Yeah, I know we need to get active, but retiring cause were not just does not make sense. I would’ve retired like a week ago if not so many ppl had. Keep this army going and don’t retire Mmjjoo! 😀 LETS GET ACTIVE PPL!!!!!!

  3. I have to say you’re spazzing. 8 members during the starting of school is harsh to threaten people with. Kkabc’s 5 points are all right.

  4. http://smallarmycentralofcp3.wordpress.com/2010/10/24/tournament-fixtures-2/ theres your fixture

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