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We win with defense!

We defended our Snow Globe server today from an attack by the CP Raiders. It was a fun battle starting in the town and ending in the snow forts. 😀

Our Toot charge. SW=3 CPR=2

We did an I SCREAM attack. SW=3 CPR=2

Both side spam each other SW=4 CPR=3

We Barfed all over them. SW=4 CPR=3

They gave us Game and we defended with Igloos. SW=3 CPR=4

They told a joke and we got mad with WAR FACES! SW=4 CPR=3

Our victory at last SW=5 CPR=2

They did not claim any rooms. It was just a good ole fashioned battle. 😛

Also Sun Troopers did not show up for the practice battle so we won that as well.

2 Responses

  1. hey. i know you guyz have a lot going on, but would you help the Nachos in Order 39? check the CPED site for details. i understand if you have too much to do.

  2. Do u like my new SW outfit?

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