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Our Capital is safe

We defended our capitol Below Zero server today. 😛 The Cookies were a no show. The Below Zero server gets full maybe they had problems.

Special thanks to Blue Puffles, CP FBI, Defense of CP, Empire of CP, Lava Team, and Sky Troops for helping out. 😉 It’s nice to have allies like all of you. 🙂

Here are a few pics:

13 Responses

  1. Uhhhh can you help CPFBI in a war? http://clubpenguinsuperpalfanclub.wordpress.com/2010/10/24/invasion/ is where the info is!

  2. Today, a newly restarted army declares war. The Purple heads. We declare war on the Snow Warriors and will invade your nation until we completely conquer you. Why are we doing this? We need server and we need troops. When we conquer you, you will be given the option to either merge into the purple heads or become a colony of us. This war will not happen this week, but later. It can be anywhere between 1 to 4 weeks later so stay watching the site.

    If you chose to merge into us now, we will give leaders 2ic or leader, 2ic will be given 3ic or 2ic, etc. I know cahockey personally from an old friendship the two of us used to possess, that is why im offering the merge opportunity now. If you wait, the ranks offered may not be as high as now.

    Its your choice, merge into us, or accept war.


    • Chose wisely as the purple heads will be large soon. This will basically double your current size so wouldnt it be great to lead a soon to be medium then large army. And with my leading experience i can guarantee that the purple heads WILL be medium soon.

    • Erm we can decline

      • No you cant. You cant just decline a war.

  3. Sky Troops will help you fight the Purple Heads.

    • This is a no allies war. Thats how SW survives and we are stopping it.

  4. frothe, i need to talk to you on chat sometime soon(before purple heads invasion)

  5. I think we should if we don’t win.

  6. cmon guys u gota rise y doing recruiting or look to merge or something

  7. You have been invited to the CP Navy’s Open Battle.
    Comment on this site if you accept or decline
    Here are the times.
    Place : Frostbite
    All armies report to town.
    Date: Wednesday November 3rd
    Times: 10:00 GMT
    5:00 EST
    4:00 CST
    3:00 MST
    2:00 PST

  8. Actually you cant decline a war. The rules will include no allies. And if you would like to merge, no war will happen and youll all get high ranks.


  9. sorry i didn’t come, i did but when i got on the serve was full, maybe i should get some membership fast

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