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New Alliance

Snow Warriors have made an alliance with CPFBI and Sky Troops. THE DEFENSE ALLIANCE. This is to help protect all our servers. We will share all our owned servers and help each other defend them.


7 Responses

  1. Does this mean that even though the war w/ PH is a no allies, CPFBI can help because is now our servers 2?

  2. One thing. The PH still do not count the allies due to We are invading you guys, plus you did not tell us 24 hours in advace of this new opperation, so the first server will infact be invaded and all of this defense shit cant come. And fyi an alliance is not an army, so it cant come in any war, period.

    • First of all, I did tell you Ice Pond was a shared server. It was commented on your site here:


      Well over 24 hours in advance. So by your rules they can come to the invasion of Ice Pond if they choose to.

      So Ice Pond can not be claimed by PH if you beat Snow Warriors alone. Just like your saying that Sky Troops can not claim a server shared by PH and TG.

  3. froth, CPUD is apart of the settlement now so defence alliance gets are servers now 2 cuz we joined

  4. What a noobish move, and ph didn’t share the server with tg.

  5. umm
    Somebody is trying to takeover CPFBI’s Capital Freezer!
    Hopefully IW will be there
    but can you help?

  6. my army is ignoring the purple heads
    sorry i stole your idea Snow Warriors, but im not going to be pushed around by these noobs.

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