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What happens at the end of each month?


Check ranks page to see if you went up πŸ˜›

or down πŸ˜•

The Soldier of the Month is…

The Salesman


Meet me on chat and I will get an official photo of you to put on the site. πŸ˜‰


15 Responses

  1. By the way your side was a no-show on snowglobe and the rules stated if your late you forfeit. However were willing to let you keep 100% of that server if you don’t interfere with our war against st and since they claim to be sharing their servers with you, you donate your 1/3 of any one of there servers of our choice to us after we invade their 1/3 of it. We will probably chose their capital server. Is that a deal? You get 100% of your server that nobody showed up to defend and we get your 1/3 of one of st’s servers they gave to you after we invade their 1/3 of it. We will not be invading sw probably ever again if you agree to this offer and you keep full custody of your server. Deal?

    • You changed the server within 24 hours of your attack. 😐 So you did not win our server Snow Globe. You cant say “we are attacking one server” and go to another and claim it.

      We have a strong alliance and are willing to keep our promise to help the other armys that are part of it.

      So no deal. 😐


      • Sorry not snowglobe. Got my servers mixed up.we never switched servers but you still failed to defend the server you were scheduled. So do you accept our deal?

  2. came.

  3. The server invaded was ice pond not snowglobe.

    • We had 3 or 4 people on and they said you canceled invasion.

      • No we did not. Sorry Frothe, the other invasions were canceled AFTER this invasion happened. Which means we still won ice pond, but we do not want it. We want your 1/3 of Snowcone.

        So its a fair trade. Actually its a ripoff for us. 1/3 of snowcone for your full Ice Pond server.

        We also promise to not invade you EVER again if you accept. deal?

      • hey dude heres a deal GO AWAY no offense dude i thought you were nice 😦

  4. hnok, honk, sotm coming thru

    • Congrats! πŸ˜› Be on chat tonight

  5. LOL XD or down

  6. up or down 😦 XD

  7. Hmm.. Get to know me dodo. We need the server, but if you agree to be allies we will agree to a 4 way split between the server. Ph and your alliance. Deal?

  8. I AM DA BOMB!

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