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Team Red invasion results

WE WON! 😛 Well this is what happend. Below Zero server was full so we agreed to fight on Matterhorn. We found Team Red invading the town and fought them. Then they tried to move to other rooms and claim them but we kept finding them and fighting them. Finally Shimmy said we had defended our server and Team Red left. I met with Shimmy on chat and agreed that if we share Ice Pond with Team Red they would call off the war and stop invading the rest of our servers. Since this was a close battle (we were pretty much even in size and tactics) and the Snow Warrior attendance being some what low I decided this would be a good deal for us. Here are some awesome pics. 😉


5 Responses

  1. Sorry I couldn’t make it.

  2. ino were allies and stuff but if you ever want to merge then Earth Warriors would be happy for you guys to merge but probably not

  3. The official WEBSITE of Team Red Invasion:

  4. I don’t remember being there……oh well! XD

    • Oh wait I remember that last pic 😀

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