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Hi Basloo here

Hi heres basloo :3 how are y’all doing? good luck frothe taking care of the site 🙂 BASLOOS BACK!!!!!! lol now PUT ME BACK ON THE RANKS! lol i’m coming out of retirement to


you guys out 🙂 This was basloo1.

PS: I will post a joke question in every post i make and you need to guess what it is I will tell you what it is after a week

QUESTION!:Why did the King go to the dentist?
tell me the answer

Computer Haiku
Windows XP Crashed
I Am The Blue Screen Of Death
No One Hears You Scream

(winner gets 5 medals :3)


13 Responses

  1. I know the answer, but do we have to choose from those choices?

  2. What is your new penguin named? or did basloo1 get unbanned?

  3. Why did the King go to the dentist?
    the answer is…………….
    to get a crown.
    is that right?

  4. Thats what I was going to say, to get a crown for his teeth. XD

    • lol yeah

  5. XD

  6. Me too!

  7. Hello,
    I am bbblayze and I am here to invite you to join the Small Army Tournament. Our site currently looks like a fail, but we are getting new graphics and pages as we speak. Battles will usually take place on Sat. or Sun mornings, and you can have one small army help you in battle. For more information if you wish to join, please comment at http://snowstormtournament.wordpress.com/ . Thank you for your time and please consider joining

  8. http://clubpenguinoutcastarmy.wordpress.com Also help this poor small army in their new war!!!!!

  9. NO DON’T, THEY ARE FIGHTING CPFBI 😡 , guess what bblayze I’m in this army

  10. Hey Frothe, do I get a promo for bein the only member rank to show up 4 the tourney battle?

    • No…..but you did get some medals. 😉

      • ok thanks!

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