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Tournament vs AW results

Well I was sad today due to the lack of attendance by our troops. Kkabc and I (Frothe1) were the only people to show up. 😐

They attacked with blue puffles and I defended with a SW spam.

I attacked with an igloo bomb. 😀

I got hit with 7 snow balls all at once. 😥

Kkabc shows up to help out. 😛

A war face glare. 😐

AW does a blue puffle frenzy. 😐

Some red army shows up. Don’t know who they were but this was a no allie tournament.

Well I really don’t know why the Snow Warriors should go on if nobody wants to come and help any more. 😕

9 Responses

  1. sorry i couldnt come. i was on the road at that time.

  2. SP3 was on the road to, I would’ve come if I knew about it. I was kinda busy all week…..

  3. Im so sry i came but i was late the war was over Sry

  4. red army was not an ally, aw don’t know who they were either

  5. i was at chruch. and then i went to the mall so yeah…. 😕

  6. in pictures nine and eight i see hurricanex1. he looks familiar….

    • he’s in ACP ( high rank ) and IV

  7. Apparently it was an army called UPA. I doubt they knew it was a tournament they weren’t invited to, but I don’t think they really cared.

  8. Sorry I was inactive all week, I guess I forgot to tell SW

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