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Final Goodbye/Awards of the year

Ok im gone really.You guys are going to be like you’ll come back.No I won’t I will be in IV for now on.

In other words Awards!

On the 30th we will announce the winners.

Leader Of The Year:

Most Active:

Most Funniest:

Member of the year:

Mod of the year:

Owner of the year :

That’s it for now.



22 Responses

  1. 😦 Goodbye Kkabc123. 😥 You were a good leader. 😥 You will always be remembered.:(

  2. Awesome

  3. Hey Frothe!
    Want to come to Alex Cone’s birthday party?
    The information is at this link:
    All Snow Warriors are welcome!

  4. Goodbye Kkabc 😥 Are we still buddies on cp 😥 huh oh well

  5. Tournament time,

  6. I’ll probally get most active, or atleast close to it/bye bye Kk

    • I think we might tie for it…

  7. Well I knew you wanted to leave a while back but stuck around to help SW at a few battles. Its good to see you have an army that is becoming very successful. I don’t know if you remember but I wanted to merge SW into Ice Vikings a few months ago but Cahockey and Mmjjoo said not to. Best of luck and thanks for all you gave to the Snow Warriors. 😉

    After the holidays I hope to become active again but I don’t know what the fate of the Snow Warriors will be.

    • Well Frothe I like your idea of merging to IV and in the summer people will be active again

  8. Yeah IV is getting big we beat TG,RFW,IW,NW now agaisn’t ACP for the finals.

  9. times for round 1 of the cpaho tournament that this army joined is out. Here is the round-1 post!


  10. hey guys remember me i hope i hope it will be sad if u dont ive been going to sw chat but no ones ever there. i wanna try to go there soo yea i wanna try to go (p.s. plz someone go to chat)

  11. Farwell Kkabc123,
    You may have been close to the most active leader (close though 😉 ) and you had one of the biggest parts in making Snow Warriors what it is today ( IN A GOOD WAY NOT BAD WAY! lol )

    Here are some quotes about your retirement:

    Super Pal 3:” You were one of the best leaders 😥 I will miss having you as a leader, Thank You for improving Snow Warriors of Club Penguin.”

    Cest: “Do what you wish, not what others please”

    Alex Cone: “He was good leader, we had our differences (when we fought over Ice Pond) but it was for the best”

    Frothe 1: “You were my pal before SW. You were my pal in SW. And your still my pal today.” 😀



    Agentblacke: Kkabc was an awesome leader 😥

    Leaders, If you want a quote for your name, edit this comment

    and we end this speech the way it began,


    • Cest?

    • Yep alex rember the ice pond how we meet you cahockey fought you can check the site again old sw site 😉

  12. I have retired

    • Sigh. Wish you were more active. 🙄

    • I can’t believe you didn’t want an alliance with CPFBI, it’s a medium army

  13. I think i won best Mod and Member….being the first HOF and all *roll*

  14. uh, It’s the 30th

  15. kkabc accidentley did an auto-save, so someone has to publish it, I saw the autosave, It said “There is a more recent auto save

  16. pass it on

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