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Who lost?

Da Bears. Cutler, Collins, and Hanie suck. Packers own you. Packers and Steelers for Superbowl…


5 Responses

  1. Just Cutler and Collins sucked, Hanie did fucking amazing….Packs could bearly hold back a 3RD STRING QB….So Packs are Fails.
    Super Pal 3- They ain’t fails!!!!!!!! 😡

  2. GO!!! PACKERS!!!!!!

  3. Not good enough to swear about him, but he was good. But Da Bears suck to me so everyone on their team sucks

    B.J. Raji owns you and the bears

  4. He is a knock off of The Fridge (From BEARS) Raji calls himself “The Freezer” So I can conclude that he is gay.

  5. This is SW not a football fan club

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