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It’s Officail…

I’m sorry to tell you.. But I’ve been in CP armies for 2 years now… It is my time to go..

Frothe1 – One of my best buddies since the begging

Cahockey – A close friend

SP3 – A guy who really new how to party..

Basloo1 – A good person

SP1 – A guy that really was dedicated

Well I guess this is…….

A joke!

I’m back baby and ready to fight!


8 Responses

  1. 😆 YOU REALLY TRICKED ME MMJJOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀
    I’m not sure, you might of gotten me and SP1 mixed up… 😀
    YAY IS BACK :D!!!

  2. Sure , Sure don’t put ME!

  3. Ugh. Not one of these jokes again. >.<

  4. You have been invited to CPFBI’s Snowball Tournement!
    Comment on that link to join the tournament

  5. I started to read this and thought well its about time you officially retired. Then I got to the last line. XD

    Welcome back! 😀

  6. Thanks bud 😀

  7. Hey! Mmjjoo if you were really quitting/retiring you forgot to mention me 😛 😆

  8. lol :mrgreen:

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