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Giving this another try

You hear me I’m back in SW! But I need you guys prove it to me. Although I will put IV in front of SW if I have to (Hope you don’t get mad about where my loyalty  lies) . I mean really PROVE it to me! I am returning but idk if I will be leader idc what I am. Although *AHEM* I could be uhh *AHEM* leader jk jk. But I might not be active. So should I rejoin SW? Maybe we should merge CPFBI and SW since practically we’re the same. Idk but I miss you guys!

                                  ~Teh Chris Da Kk


12 Responses

  1. It would be a super army if CPFBI and SW merged XD

  2. CPFBI is more of it’s own now…… although I think a few of OUR ppl joined US instead of the other way around this time….

  3. As leader of both SW and CPFBI, I say no XD it’s for all of SW to vote I think. And CPFBI……

  4. I’m a little busy, but I’ll try my best to be active. It’s tough to lead a top 10 small army and be 2ic of a top 5 medium army.

  5. Yea I say you should this army is going to fall if someone doesnt stand up so you should be a leader

  6. Speaking of merges, Blue Puffles just merged into CPFBI 😀 Now we’re hardly the same XD

  7. Hmm I think SW should merge into CPFBI

    • Me too.

      • I do not think so

        Feeling: Not sure about this idea 😐

  8. Erm if we don’t can I be like a full leader?

  9. Of what (d)

  10. SW

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