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Air Warriors no show :-(

So the Air Warriors wanted to fight for our capital, Below Zero, today but had a problem. We were waiting for them and they came on chat and said they could not go on Below Zero because none of them were members. So I asked why they wanted Below Zero server if they can’t log on to it? They could not answer the question and failed to show up for their own battle. I mean come on not one single person in the army is a member? If it was NOT our capital then I would say lets fight on another server. But since it WAS our capital and they made the date and time, then we should fight for it on that server. Well we had max of 7 today on Below Zero waiting for them to show up. But they never did so we keep Below Zero. Good job to all that attended the battle! 😉

3 Responses

  1. I am sorry SW but I am not alowed on the computer as much as i used to be so dont think im inactive…… im sorry….. I will try to be on sometimes.

    -da basloo… ova and out

    • We miss ya buddy. :[

  2. air warriors got pwned…
    HI BASLOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😥

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