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Cahockey…..I though you created SW…..

“you guys are retards. When you get home you play cp until bedtime (which is 5 o clock for you) you have no life. You will live in your mother’s basement and never get a boyfriend”

Yeah Snow Warriors, our famed and loved creator said that. You may of noticed he isn’t on the site anymore. Well here’s your reason! What do you guys think of him now? (and I was getting all the flaque when I got no promos for 2 months 😡 ) Cahockey you called yourself a retard cause your a Snow Warrior, or, you WERE.

Link of proof : http://cahockeycoolstuff.wordpress.com/2011/03/04/2441/


7 Responses

  1. and he made another post saying the army is retarded 😡

  2. Um dont open up a can of worms :-/

    • what does that mean :p

  3. I thought you were ALP LANGUAGE Frothe was using An Idiom which is a saying

    • IK, ever heard of sarcasism?

  4. something about the grammar and makes me think that it’s not cahockey. probably someone over his house.

  5. You know, the fact that I know Cahockey wouldn’t say that makes me think there’s more to this than meets the eye.

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