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Igloos galore

Here are some of the people who enetered our St. Patricks Day igloo contest.







Super Pal 1

Super Pal 2 3

Who do you think won the contest? Comment below. :mrgreen:


9 Responses

  1. me?

  2. Frothe, 2nd place either me or SP3

    • pop 3rd or 4th; theres alot of good igloos! 😀

  3. Your meeting for Operation Fulfill Goal is Saturday at SW chat. Here is the info – http://operationfulfill.wordpress.com/da-page-o-awesomeness/

    • Frothe’ll need to come or we’ll have to delay.

  4. Who is this SP2 *wary* XD!!!! Hmm :/ mine is good I think… I’m not sure

    • LOL (the missing link?)

  5. Guys! We NEED to get this site active again! Before Frothe retires! 😥 ! 😀 Let’s have some recruiting sessions!

  6. lol frothe you crossed out the 2? lol

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