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Anyone active?

Hello? I need someone really active to help me out! Once I find someone to replace me I will be retiring. Yeah you heard right, the famed, loved, double SOTMer, Super Pal 1, is gonna retire SW. Please comment if you think you can take my place!


9 Responses

  1. I could try. I would do my best to get SW back in the small top 10 and beyond. ST is doing pretty well.

    • scratch that. I will get SW to rise, even if it kills me.

  2. Ehhh….maybe I should come back, eh?

  3. Snow Warriors vs. Blue Bandits

    Server: Klondike

    11:30 PST

    12:30 MST

    1:30 CST

    7:30 UK

  4. what day XD? I might retire soon… CP is getting to old for me I think… well CP armies

    • Sunday, April 3

    • You mean you getting to old for cp

      • it’s hard to explain…

  5. I could do it but I don’t really know if I will have time

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