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Retirement of Super Pal 1

I, Super Pal 1, leader of Snow Warriors, along with Frothe1 and Super Pal 3, am now retiring as leader of SW. SW was the first army I ever joined…and boy Frothe and Mmjjoo and any other old leader could tell you how active the Super Pal cousins were! I’ve been loyal to SW ever since I joined in July 2010. Frothe1 was my buddy before I joined, and me and my couz thought he was leader of some ghost army! (old uniform) Then one day SP3 googled Frothe1’s army of club penguin..and that post stickied on the old site came up.

  • Super Pal 3 : Best cousin I could ask for, your were leader along with me in let’s see…1….2….3…4…atleast four armies! And I never woul’ve joined SW without you, and you wouldn’t of joined if I didn’t first. You are a great leader.
  • Frothe1 : One o’ my best buddies, before and after SW. Without you, I wouldn’t know how to lead CPFBI in a recruiting session! You are a Super Pal, and you lead SW with pride and dignity.
  • Coanankun01 : I bet you probally aren’t still around to read this, but man you blew me out of my socks when you joined! A new hot shot easily took place as most active over the two Super Pals! You were a great soldier and a great friend. Hope to see you again sometime.
  • Basloo1 : You always made me laugh. You and your sis were great friends during the end of summer and fall. You were also a great soldier, and you almost had me beat to leader of SW! 😀 Again, hope to see you soon sometime.
  • Mmjjoo : I’ll never forget that video you made that used the SP’s as examples. You were a great leader. Hope you come back to Snow Warriors some time.
  • Kkabc : When I first joined, we got off on the wrong track. But since then, we’ve became friends….sorda…and thanks for leading CPFBI in the tournament even though it didn’t count. 😉
  • Cahockey : At first, I thought you were awesome…..then it faded away nd I still hate you.

Sorry if I forgot you, and remember :

Be white or be ready to fight!


6 Responses

  1. I will miss you SP1
    P.S The Ghost Pirates was me and Frothe and Florida 111

    • This was the site


    • and dont forget Plopkopmop

  2. Thanks for all the help you gave the Snow Warriors. It was an epic time and I am glad you were there with us. 😉

  3. Yea you forgot someone im just jking i retired too

  4. bye SP1 😥

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