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Well, since this is basically like creating a new army since everyone’s pretty much gone, I thought we should have some goals to accomplish by the end of April. These will be just simple goals for rebuilding up an army.  So here they are:

  • Get 3 active troops to join
  • Have a minimum 2 training sessions
  • And if we can accomplish the first two…Have a practice battle with another army

Like I said, these are just some simple goals to help us get back on our feet, so make me proud 😀

~Snow Warriors~

~Foo Fighter~

4 Responses

  1. hades, could you go ahead and add me to the site please? We are co-leading this thing together.

  2. Sorry bout that, I added you now

  3. I wanna lead. I was busy and having a hard time before when I was leading now I’m good and coming back for the ………..? 4th time?

  4. I’m gonna be adviser and help when I can. 😉

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