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We need war!

Well guys, even though we’re in a tournament, it won’t last forever. We need a war. I know there has been some talk of who to invade, but I want your opinion. Fill out this form.

Rank in Snow Warriors:
Who should we go to war with?:

In other news, there is a war that we could join. This war is the Blue Alliance and CP Crew vs. the Iron Fist Army and allies. My other army, Sky Troops, is in the Blue Alliance. If you guys want, we could join, but I’d like to join on the side of the BA if we did. for now, cya!


5 Responses

  1. Name: Dvorak
    Rank: Leader
    War: CPGT

  2. Name: Super Pal 3
    Rank: Leader
    War: idk

  3. Name Kkabc123
    Rank None I’m not even the site anymore (thx foo fighter)
    War I’d say Blue Alliance

  4. Name: Candyboy8
    Rank in Snow Warriors: Ambassodor
    Who should we go to war with?: CPGT

  5. Name:simon6789
    Rank in Snow Warriors:Major General
    Who should we go to war with?:CPGT idk lol

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