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Raid/Prepare For War

❗ Snow Warriors, We May Invade ClubPenguin Green Team, So Keep Checking Site Often For Updates ❗

Yes, today we had a raid on the server Hockey.  Hockey is the CPGT’s(Club Penguin Green Team) capital, and since we might invade Hockey, I think we should start with a raid! The raid was a success, since it was an unscheduled, we maxed 5, which is still pretty good for us 😀  Anyways, here are the pics:


So I think we should be able to invade Hockey next Saturday (not tomorrow) by the soonest.  I expect a win from us, of course, and I hope to see 7 troops.  Hopefully if we can accomplish both of those, our rank in the Small Army Top 10 will rise (currently, we are in 9th). So that’s about it, keep checking the site for updates, as usual



2 Responses

  1. Prepare my Commrades

  2. We can do this we can win this Lets do this

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