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3 Tournaments For Us

Yeah, I kind of entered us in 3 tournaments 😛  They are hosted by: IW, GD, and CPA Buzz.  The IW one will most likely start next month at the soonest, so we have time to prepare for that.  GD’s will most likely start soon, we might even have the first battle by next week.  And I don’t know about CPA Buzz’s, but they only need one more army to join so that it may begin.  So, I think because of these tournaments (and the merge of AW), we need some more training, but during the week.  We do really well at unscheduled raids and stuff, we average about 6 people, so our scheduled events should be even better.  Anyways here’s the info:

Training Session

When: Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

Where: Glacier, Town


  • 3:30 PM Pacific
  • 4:30 PM Mountain
  • 5:30 PM Central
  • 6:30 PM Eastern
  • UK Not Expected To Attend.

So yeah, as usual, Comment If You Can Make It


2 Responses

  1. I prolly will

  2. I cant school night

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