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Quite A Cheap Shot…

Alex: Although we technically lost the defense, I can prove that we won and don’t have to give up any servers. More to come.

*Also, I’d rather have you guys attend this than the training session, but still try and make both it you can.*

So, we are being invaded, not by CPGT (army we’re in war with right now), but SPAAF, lead by ATM 23.  I think this is just a cheap shot, completely.  It’s sad how they have to attack us while we’re busy with other plans, but I doubt this should be hard, considering SPAAF isn’t even in the Small Army Top 10, anyways, here’s the info given to us by his comment:


When: Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Where: Glacier, Town

What: Invasion Of SW Nation


  • 5:00 PM Pacific
  • 6:00 PM Mountain
  • 7:00 PM Central
  • 8:00 PM Eastern
  • UK Not Expected

I want you guys to show up at least 10-15 minutes before the event, so comment and PLEASE try to make this.


9 Responses

  1. i will be there!!!

  2. You use the words “Cheap” and “Shot” too much I must say.

  3. He only used it 2 times………

    • That was his point haha. Two too many times lol.

  4. I’ll try my best to make it. Can’t be sure though. In Hawaii so idk my schedule.

  5. Hello Snow Warriors. I have found, quite frankly, I cannot commit to so many armies. I have quit Nachos already, it has lost its flavor since leading smakk armies. Now I must apologize as I “retire” from SW. I have chosen to retire from SW for the reasons that ranks are confusing from merge so if anything this helps and because i know Dvorak needs no more help, he is an excellent leader. Stay gold!

    -Redd Kool, retiring 3ic-

  6. @Teh He said it 2 more times on the SPAAF site and even more times in PC with me today.

  7. Hello SW,
    Today, I will be retiring. I joined Air Warriors on some day (I forget when) when Talex offered me a spot as 2ic. I accepted and was 2ic command of Air Warriors until the merge. I was 2ic of SW for a little bit and tried my best to help SW. Unfortunately, I need to focus on my own army and my life. I have nothing against SW and I think they will thrive but I simply can’t be committed to SW anymore.

    Talex: Thanks for recruiting me man. Rock on Dino Man.

    Hades/Dvorak: You’re a great guy and I know you will help SW thrive.

    That is all SW. Happy Trails until we meet again. I may consider re-joining some day but not in the too near future. This will be my final salute to all SW leaders and troops. Goodbye.

    @Site authors: Could you put this into a post?

  8. Snow Warriors have been invited to CPFBI’s 1st Annual Sled Racing Tournament! Rules and information at http://clubpenguinsuperpalfanclub.wordpress.com/2011/04/12/1st-annual-cp-army-sled-racing-tournament/

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