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We lost……. or did we?

Although they had more people and tactics were most likely even, the SPAAF seems to have forgotten a new rule, or rather, an overturned one. Look at these pics, taken from SPAAF site.

Ok so you’re probably saying “what’s the problem?”. Claiming. They claimed 5 rooms, however the claiming rule has been overturned and it is said that if you claim, you forfeit. I’ll let them say what they want and even have the server, but they WILL have problems in the future, because they should always remember that 1 can be 2, but 2 isn’t always 1. 😉

6 Responses

  1. Ikr claiming isn’t aloud meaning we win……

  2. I must say the claiming wasn’t needed. But overall sizes were enough to defeat you.

    • did you even read the whole post? they broke a rule which is claiming -.-

  3. lol

  4. Im Retired

  5. SW Hall o famer

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