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Yet Another War….

SP1 : They’re noobs. They put rank Private above mod line. We’ll win easy 😀

Yes, as sad as it is…we’re in another war….The army that has chosen to declare war on us is Extremes of ClubPenguin.  They have made their invasion times just over 24 hours notice, but they never said no allies….Anyways, here’s the info:


When: Monday, April 18th, 2011

Where: Glacier, Town


  • 5:15 PM Pacific

  • 6:15 PM Mountain

  • 7:15 PM Central

  • 8:15 PM Eastern

  • UK Not Expected

    Please Comment If You Can Make This ❗

16 Responses

  1. Oh my gosh……you need me back don’t ya 😉

  2. I’ll come…if you take me back (wary)

  3. I can come! I just joined like 10 min ago LOL.

    • Wait I might not come. Accidentaly banned myself on CP with a typo

      • UPDATE: I WILL COME! I made another penguin called Im Penguink2 . Though, It is appearing as P10983708….

  4. Hi,
    Thanks fro the post.The deal looks amazing to me. I would surely get it and refer all my friends as well, I am sure they would be highly benefited.

  5. hahaha only 2 maby 3? and what do u mean private above mod line?

  6. I will try to make it

  7. only 3 people said they were coming for sw, and at least 3 is going to come for us. we are also bringing allies and they will atleast have 2 or 3, so we are probibly going to get around 6-10, and least 3-5. Still good numbers in 24 hours notice.

    • yes, and were bringing allies that might get 2-3 on less than 24 hour notice.

      • so u have a grand total of 4-7.

  8. Extremes pick on people and they once picked on me. They randomly started guesting,membering,banning,and kicking me randomly for no reason. I also wanna get revenge on extremes for their chat rather has a bug or their mods have problems

    • it was because u were either braking the rules, or u were not a member of extremes.

  9. acually more like 4-6

  10. Extremes doesn’t have private above the mod line, genius.

    • You changed it, I checked the comments idiot.

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