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Glacier Defended/ Invasions

Dvo Edit: I won’t make the event on Saturday, because I’ll be paintballing with my friends

Alex Edit: ECP gave Matterhorn away to keep it from being invaded, so we will be invading Yukon in it’s place

Hey Troops! We won the defense of Glacier today! We did EPIC! Thanks to everybody who came! Here’s the pics!

Alex’s Pics:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Also, we, along with Sky Troops and Black Dreams will be invading the ECP. Here’s the info!

Invasion of Berg
When:  Friday, April 22nd, 2o11
Where: Berg, Town

  • 4:00 PM Pacific

  • 5:00 PM Mountain

  • 6:00 PM Central

  • 7:00 PM Eastern

  • 23:00 GMT/UK

Invasion of Yukon ❗
When: Saturday, April 23rd, 2011

Where: Matterhorn, Town


11:00 AM Pacific
12:00 PM Mountain
1:00 PM Central
2:00 PM Eastern
18:00 PM GMT

That’s all! cya!

Comment If You Can Make The Invasions


24 Responses

  1. Maybe and Yes

    • Snow Warriors. you cant invade matterhorn because we don’t have it anymore.

  2. I can make them both and I could’ve made better screenshots 😦

    • I fixed those pics and made them better! 😛

      • yeah i saw. nice pics

  3. I will make it but I will not be with sw because I am the leader of black dreams

  4. we thought we could take u on without allies. now i guess we will have to use allies….

    • We didnt even use allies, we beat you guys with our own true skill.

      • we were talking about ourselves… your allies dident help you. what if you needed them?

  5. Nice Job SW

    ~P1234 Former SW 2ic

  6. Obviously, I doubt we need allies to fight an army that isnt even in the Small Army Top 10 (even though we’re actually 11th in CPAE’s at the moment, we should be 10th-ish by the next one) but we’re still like 6th in SMAC’s

    • only 1 problem. u have only 1 server. also you can’t help out sky troops in our invasion against them because its no allies. and if u come, we win ther server.

    • yeah well u have one problem, you only have 1 server. by the way, you cant help out sky troops of cp because our invasions are no allies. if you show up, we win the server automatickly

  7. We can get land grants from our allies, so dont worry, and I CAN fight for ST, as long as Im officially on the ranks.

    • actually, anybody can. We can just count them as rogues.

    • only if you r in the ranks.also, i think its cheap if you join the army just because of this war…

      • Well i kinda agree with mrgpv because rouges arent offically in that army. For example heres a rule wheb thre was claiming BEFORE to claim a room you have to have at least 5 troops active in that army meaning there cant be rouges to claim.

      • by the way, whats the link to the black dreams?

      • hey guys im not trying to cause trouble, im just saying the invaders make the rules of invasions.

  8. I can make both events.

  9. Great job! I’ll be back Saturday.

  10. Does anyone notice SW’s last post was 3 days ago? I’m getting kinda bord, nothing new 😦

  11. I cant make matterhorn but th e other one I can

  12. i will be there!!!! 🙂

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