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Happy Early Easter

Well, I was looking through the comments on this site earlier this morning, and I saw Super Pal 1’s comment about how our last post was 3 days ago. Well he’s right, we need to be posting a bit more, at least once every two days, if not everyday. The main is problem is: What to post about? I mean, currently we’re in a war facing ECP, so we just have those events. This is going to be sort of an off-weekend. With Easter this Sunday, mainly everyone’s going to be with their families, and not on their computers. So I think that we should just relax while we can.

So, just to make a quick post, here’s a question for you guys to answer in a comment below :mrgreen:

What’s YOUR Favorite Holiday? 


9 Responses

  1. That’s a hard one…Christmas and Halloween :mrgreen: I like them both.

    And I have an idea. In late 2010 we had a Question of the Day everyday. That kept us active and really worked.

  2. umm well i like St. Patrick’s Day the best

  3. Well I think we should post about Storm Warriors merging with us and the successful invasion of Berg(but because Berg was full we battled for it on Ice Berg).

  4. P.S my favorite holiday is….I think….. IDK! i like them all.

  5. Mine is eid. (I’m muslim)

  6. I think Groundhog Day…………NOT! XD

    Yeah I like Halloween or Christmas I cant decide.


  8. I also like pi day, I LIKE PIE!!

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